Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic Lightning Cable | 2017 Full Buyer’s Guide

Magnetic Lightning Cable – Today, all smartphone and gadgets are operated using a battery. With the advancement of applications, processors, the load on the battery also increases, and more charge is utilized in the process. With the introduction of Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic Braided USB Charger, this issue can be primarily solved. This is a magnetic charger,  equipped with some different features.

Following are the various features that this device is equipped with to power up your device comfortably.

Netdot Magnetic Lightning Cable

Netdot Magnetic Lightning Cable

 Features Of Magnetic Lightning Cable –

Well, folks, now we are going to share, every small and useful feature of Netdot magnetic lightning cable. Very first, we asked our team members to use this magnetic lightning cable and share their review about this fantastic magnetic charging cable. And after using this magnetic lightning cable, they give a big YES to this magnetic lightning cable. And I hope you will like the features of this amazing tech invention. So, folks, let’s give a look.         

  • Universal Compatibility Of Magnetic Lightning Cable –

Now, we are going to share some of the best features of magnetic lightning cable and, first of all, let’s talk about the compatibility of magnetic lightning cable. The compatibility of this product has made it one of the finest cables available for data transfer. Connecting the device is as easy as it could be. The magnetic connector can be left attached to the device, and the cable should be plugged in with an adapter into a power source. The Micro USB 2.0 port ensures that full compatibility is offered, and the charging is completed without any issues. It allows for a faster charging experience while also allowing for better data transfer rate.

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The cable is versatile as compared to several other chargers. It can be connected to any range of devices, including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Google devices.

  • Flexible To Use

The magnetic charger contains a detachable connector, which can easily work with all sorts of Android devices. It is unarguably one of the best magnetic chargers in the market today. It is modular in design and can be disassembled with ease. Moreover, it can be snapped from all angles. As the design is modular, and the cable and connector detachable, the life of the charger is prolonged as compared to cables where the connectors are inbuilt. From a long-term perspective, regular plugging and unplugging can cause various problems and damage the cable altogether.

  • Durability

The cable is crafted out of the most durable of materials that can handle all sorts of conditions with ease. The design of the product is the key to its success. With a robust design, it can efficiently charge any Android device with ease. Moreover, the presence of the magnetic head plays a vital role in enhancing the charging experience as well as the data transfer speed.

  • Superior Magnet Properties

Magnetic Coupling of the Micro USB cable is better than that of your traditional connectors. The charger fits in nicely without any issues. All you have to do is plug in the connector in a suitable slot, and let your device charge to full in a short time. The magnetic property ensures that the device is properly connected and there are no leakages or gaps.

The cable can easily be plugged in and does not unplug itself. If you are in a moving vehicle, it won’t detach by itself. The cable is designed to ensure that proper charging is supplied to the device in a rather seamless fashion. With this product, there are no worries regarding charging or data transfer.

  • Magnetic Connector

After the purchase of the cable, you will notice two different components, the Magnetic head, and the cable. The magnetic head is attached to the charging port of the device, and besides helping you to charge the phone, it can also offer protection for your charging port. It does not let dust accumulate in the device. A majority of dust particles harm the smartphone and hinders your charging experience to a greater extent. Sometimes it may also hamper the functionality of the device. The plug can be left attached inside the device even when no charging is being done.

  • Hassle Free Plugging

The magnet of the device is tightly fitted in, which ensures that it attaches easily and does not unplug easily. Plugging your device in the dark will get much easier with this, and there will be no hassles while connecting in dim-lit places. It can carry the full charge effectively, and offer to charge with most optimum efficiency.

  • Portability

The cable and magnet head can be stored anywhere and can be used anywhere. Whether you are driving, sleeping, eating or doing any task, you can carry your portable charger with yourself. There are no chances of any loose ends and the power supply getting disrupted. The charger can be snapped in at any angle, and the transfer rate will remain the same. This functionality and blazing speed cannot be found in any other cable.

  • 2-Set Pack

When you order the cable, you get two of these cables against the regular one cable packing. This is a great deal for people who wish to buy more cables for more of their phones. And with the comfort and advantages of a magnetic charger, this is a better deal than ever.

  • Damage Prevention

The benefit of a magnetic end is that the cable provides freedom from plugging in the device again and again. Frequent unplugging of the connector can cause a great deal of damage to the cable. Once the magnetic connector is attached to the charging port, it provides complete security to the device. The cable also gets automatically attached to the port due to the advanced magnetic property, and it also ensures that there is no effect on the data transfer rate.

  • Warranty

The two cable set comes with a guarantee of one year if you purchase it from a valid and reputed retailer. This warranty ensures that if there comes a problem in the cable, you can get it replaced, without any hassles. This is an extra plus point for people who are not sure to settle on this charger and wish to try a magnetic charging cable for the first time.

Conclusion –

Moreover, compared to conventional cables, the magnetic charging cable can work for a longer period under different circumstance and conditions. The design and material of the cable allow the data signals to be transferred faster than ever, without any external interferences. It helps cancel the noises that arise while charging is being carried out.

As a third generation USB cable, the charging cable gives full functionality to the user and lets you charge all your devices with convenience. With its powerful magnetic component, charging is faster, and transfer speed is optimized. The cost of the product is competitive when compared to other cables, and if you are in search of a cable, the Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic Braided USB Charger can be the best deal for you. You Can also read one more review about Best Magnetic Charging Cables in which reviewed top 10 magnetic charging cables.