How to Fix Wet Charger & USB Cable?

How far the technology has moved and pushed out water resistant smartphones we have not taken any effort to make chargers and cables water resistant. They can still cause death to your beloved smartphone. It is still arguable that we don’t carry out charging kit all around and getting in contact with water is not very often but still, travellers and crazy people have issues with water. Here we will see some general tips and step by step process to fix wet charger.

How to fix wet Charger & USB Cables

How to fix wet Charger & USB Cables

Tips and precautions

  •  Do not use chargers or power banks near water sources and also do not store water containers near electric outlets in general. This simple tip can eliminate almost every problem caused by water.
  •  Do not leave the charger plugged in and turned on all the time. Switching off and removing the charger cannot just save you from accidental water spills but many other minor accidents.
  •  If a charger falls into water in the on state pull out the wire holding the insulated part, not the ports.
  • Do not plug in the charger as soon as they are out of the water. Proper cleansing and drying have to be done before trying to use it which has a good probability of working.

Steps to fix wet charger?

Getting electronics wet is always a pain in your ass. Charger and cable are not any less. They do not even have IP rating, unlike the electronics we hold today.

Step 1: Remove from water

Pick the charger unit out of the water as early as possible. Avoid direct contact with water if the charger is plugged in. Remove the smartphone connected. If not connected don’t try using it until the last step is done.

Step 2: Wash it

Unlike any other electronic devices, chargers and cables are recommended to wash because they do not have any power running unless plugged. Washing is done to remove impure water and salt sediments caused by water if any. Distilled water or deionized water can be used to neutralize the already entered water. Isopropanol Alcohol too can be used as it is easily evaporable in lower temperature even.

Step 3: Wipe and dry

Wipe off all the water from reachable a viewable area with a cloth, preferably microfiber
cloth to ensure complete absorption of water. Leave it aside in the sun to let the water from the inside evaporate. You can use the hair dryer if you are so impatient about sunlight.

Step 4: Moisture removal

Throw the charger/cable inside an airtight container either filled with rice or silica gel. Both work well but silica gel won’t be readily available hence rice is okay. Leave it in the same setup for 3 to 7 days with patience.

Step 5: Test it with precaution

As precautionary measure use the charger in a surge protected power outlet and use it to power a cheap device so that whatever end the charger messes up there is not much damage.

Note: Chargers are not pricey anymore. To try drying the charger it is gonna take days and you will have to pick another charger to support you in the time being which already adds to the cost. So instead of getting into so many hardships is the charger or cable meets with water chose a new charger for ensured safety.