How to extend the life of your fraying cables?

Cables start to worn out with constant wear and tear. Bed lamp, PC cables on your table don’t fray however light and delicate they are. It is the charger of the daily carry devices like smartphones and laptop that go through a lot of hassle, folds, rolling numerous plug / unplug. These are sure of causing damage to the cables with time. Most of the cables provided in the box tend to wear out before the lifetime of the device itself.

Here we shall discuss DIY tricks, 5 easy ways to fix your fraying cables intact and extend the life of it without needing to spend as much buying a new cable.

How to extend the life of your fraying cables

How to extend the life of your fraying cables

Electrical Taping

You should have known what it is already. Surely cheapest of the lot. Run the tape in circles around the frayed area of the cable not once but repeated times to add rigidity. Multiple layers not only prevent the fray to spread but also keeps that portion not easily bendable. Do not use any other tape as they are not as good with wires. Electrical tapes are easily available and do not cost more than a dollar. Though they do not produce the best looks they surely are the cheapest and simplest way to keep your cables intact.


This is another DIY to help you around with a solution temporarily. You have no reason to spend on this method. Simply look for springs from unused objects most probably a pen. This too works best for the ends. The spring needs to be not bigger in diameter than the cable itself. Roll the spring over the split ends over the flares and then through the thick portions near the connector. We strongly recommend not to use spring if the wire is deeply cut to reveal the inlying conducting wires which may get in contact with the spring and cause accidents of any scale.

Heat Shrink

This is little more complex and not advised for children to try it out. But this can be helpful if you are looking for a long-term solution. This simply does the same work of adding rigidity to the worn-out a piece of wire but uses a heat shrink plastic instead of tape. Heat shrink tube can be purchased in any accessory store for around 2 USD. All you need to do is put it over the fraying part of the cable and seal it by applying heat to it. You can use a heat gun or hair dryer or even a candle fire to do it. This shrinks and makes it cling to the wire forever. However, this is not possible if the ends of the frayed part differ in diameter than it, making it an uneven surface for the heat shrink tube to cling on.


It is a special type of molding material that sets into a shape after unpacking and leaving it to dry for about 24 hours. Sugru can be easily molded to take any shape before it dries off. It is very much recommended for splits that happen close to the connector which is bent for most of its lifetime. Unpack a sachet of Sugru and mold it over the frayed part and keep it untouched for a day or so. If you use that part of the cable bent for most of the time it is better to mold the same way before drying. An average pack of 3 Sugru cost 9 USD.

Cable Saver

A nice go-to solution to prevent ends of the cable. it can simply fit any cable. If you have many cables lying around pick a pack of cable savers and save all of them from breaking due to consistent bending. These cable saver clips are a cute solution to a never-ending issue of cable damage. Being a ready-to-use product, the cost is little high at 5 – 7 USD.

Note: Don’t expect all of these to work always. Most of them are timely remedies to keep your cables intact. Most of the listed ones wear out with time to get a cable ready to replace once you have reached the threshold of performing any of the above tricks. After all using the mended cables is never as efficient as a good cable.