How to Check Original iPhone Charger Cable?

Apple has a large control over the accessory market having a proprietary charging port. The port was introduced with Apple iPhone 5 and ever since duplicate iPhone wires have existed. Apple iPhone the accessory has certain trademark characteristics to it which third-party charging cables don’t have. This is about the comparison between the original and fake iPhone charging cable.

Apple recommends the use of Apple’s own accessories or Apple certified third-party accessories. Not all third-party accessories are fake or unusual. The lightning port is patented by Apple and hence the certification is held by Apple themselves. Certification by Apple is based on the quality standards.

How to Check Original iPhone Charger Cable

How to Check Original iPhone Charger Cable

Tips to identify fake vs genuine iPhone charging cable

Finding difference with the looks

If you are about to buy a new iPhone charging cable please get to know the facts before heading to the store. Let us start with the packaging. If it claims to be from Apple the trademark Apple symbol, leaflets will be included with the box along with the Apple’s serial number which will be stuck to the box during the time of manufacture.

If not from Apple look for the ‘Apple certified’ words and symbol from the box of the third party iPhone cable. There are two standards of certification in third-party cables. The older version with a previous version badge is represented by phone symbol surrounded by made for iPhone text. The newer standard uses Apple symbol in the place of smartphone symbol.

Now take the cable from the packaging and you can smell the premium from Apple but that is not how you find the signs of fake iPhone cable. Look for a printed text on the sided of the cable. Apple cables are written “Designed by Apple in California” and either “Assembled in China” “Assembled in Vietnam,” or “Indústria Brasileira” written in grey for 7 inches followed by a 12 digit serial number.

Comparing the quality of the cable

Apple’s cables tend to have the perfect finishing with the high attention to every detail. Take a close look at the lightning connector of your cable and you can tell a lot from that.

  • The contacts on the edge of the lightning cable are single pieced, rounded, smooth silver or gold colored whereas the unauthorized cables don’t have the same consistent quality to them.
  • Width and length of the lightning connector part that goes in the iPhone charging port can also help to identify the duplicate iPhone cables. The official charging cable’s exact measurement is 7.7 * 12 mm. Any cable-less or above this value or has tapering shape is not Apple certified.
  • The faceplate of the insertion end of the lightning port is grey for all Apple manufactured cables and third-party cables.
  • The same kind of difference in detailing can be found on closer examination of the USB end of the cable. the interlocks in the USB shell are trapezoidal in shape and equally spaced from the edges on Apple standard cables.
  • The connector pins are gold colored. The USB surface is smooth and consistently flat.

Differentiating Apple cables from fake iPhone cables is easy as we have explained. So be aware and make wise choices.